How to Tweet for March Madness

Share the excitement of March Madness with our global community. Here are the intuitive instructions.

Simple Steps
  • Find your team.
  • Use the buttons, below the Twitter panel, to compose your message. 
Every message is pre-composed to bring friends and fans to follow the action. Global fans, hearing impaired, and viewers in other time zones will enjoy the live action.

Roles for Empassioned Twitters

Here are possible roles:
  • Report scores. Include @march-madness in each tweet. By quarter or finals.
  • Play-by-play. Watching a game? Tweet the play by play. 
  • Expert. Are you a celebrity? Give us your inside view.
  • Team tweet. Get your friends togther. Each plays a role to follow one team or player. Tell your friends to expand the fun.
  • Parody. Fake tweet the action, for fun. Use ;-) to signal humor.
Viewers can join and tweet. Each brings their friends. Let's watch the fun, together.

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